Quinn Black "Bloodfeather"

Ex-gladiator seeking a place to die


It was a cold rainy night, and the call of ravens could be heard throughout Azadmere the night Quinn was born. He was born into a poor family in the eastern slums. His mother told him his father was a great adventurer, out slaying dragons and uncovering lost treasures. Quinn’s mother could find little work to support them so she resorted to palm reading and prostitution. His short temper and mother’s line of work lead to many brawls and beatings. To Quinn it seemed like he had been fighting ever since he could throw a punch. It came natural to him. As did stealing. Quinn joined a local small time gang when he was 4. He started with pickpocketing, and moved up to burglary when he was 8. On the day of his 14th birthday his mother went out to buy him a gift, but was raped and killed trying to get the money for it. The finest whore in all the eastern slums had been murdered and word spread fast. Quinn soon heard the name of his mother’s slayer, Kroogaar. A goliath gladiator who had become champion of the (blank) arena. Kroogaar was in the city to purchase a new axe and decided to have a little fun and test it out. Quinn tore through the city looking for the goliath, checking every ally, inn, and tavern but to no avail. Just when he was about to give up Quinn stumbled across the body of his beloved mother in a back ally. She was hardly recognizable after the abuse, and Quinn vomited at the sight of her torn broken form. He then wiped away the puke and tears, grabbed his mother’s blood stained white scarf and vowed to bathe it in Kroogaar’s blood.

That night he gathered what he could and left Azadmere. His only company the rain, and the call of ravens in the distance. He headed south toward the Burzyn arena. Toward vengeance.

Quinn Black "Bloodfeather"

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